Dr. Niranjan Dr. Niranjan Y,
Dept. of PG studies in Kayachikitsa,
A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppa
A medical system becomes complete only when it has weapons powerful enough to face any potential threat posed by the nature. A science should have an answer to any presenting problem as well as a potent thought about what to expect and how to face unexpected. Ayurveda – a time tested legacy explored in the time immemorial by the sages who possessed a divine spirit of extra-ordinary thinking and wisdom, may have suitable answer to every health related need.It is assumed that India is going to be the capital of the world in economic prosperity, population explosion and in the number of people infected with HIV. Now the human being is the host, vector and carrier himself to the virus. The Human Immuno virus is thought to have entered human by the sexual contacts with the primates. One can easily notice that the disease originated by unethical sin – Ayonigamana which is supposed to be avoided as per Charaka and Vagbhata.The virus which has affinity towards T Lymphocytes gets attached to it. The viral chromosomes super impose the cell and eventually leading to the destruction of a vital immune system component. The virions spread rapidly in the host eventually destructing the total immune system. There Prajnaparadha leads to Ojakshaya and sahasa again causing Urahkshata leading to shosha or Rajayakshma- co-related to the manifestation of immunocompromised conditions. The Thymus mediated cell destruction and its anatomical position between the Stana bears a striking resemblance to the concept of Doshaja Marmabhighata. Here one can also consider the involvement of blood as the infection carrier and Hridaya and rasadhatu.Ayurveda- being the oldest recorded medical wisdom should have come across the manifestation in HIV infection or ARC (Aids Related Complex).Since the ancient scholars preferred the Alaukika Pratyaksha they may not have listed the pathogenic and path gnomonic microbes like HIV. But they diagnosed the condition based on their understanding, wisdom and other methods of examination. So, let’s have some hypothesis of diagnosing HIV (AIDS) in Ayurvedic parameters;

  • The concept of Abhighata (trauma) leading to vata, rakta vitiation ending up in Jwara- immunocompromise increasing possibility of atypical infections and opportunistic infections.
  • Sahasa leading to Urahkshata-affliction of Thymus mediated immunological apparatus.
  • Prajnaparadha leading to sarvadosha prakopa.
  • Bhayaja atisara- or Agantu jwaradi conditions due to the mental guilt of committing a un ethical action- may be an illegitimate sexual act leading to AIDS Related complex.
  • Transmission of virus in bodily secretions due to the severity of Samprapti- doshadhatu samsarga.
  • Not following of sadwritta and other recommended charyas with special reference to polygamy, sexual perversions and fantasies.
  • Doshaja Marmabhighata is well established as it affects all marmas by virtue to its lymphatic spread.
  • Shosha- a prone condition to multiple infections.

By this it can be well thought that Ayurveda knew and knows a condition called as HIV Infection or AIDS even though it fails to visually demonstrate the viral structure.

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