Therapeutic perspectives of Yoga Philosophy and techniques

Dr Krishna Raghava Hebbar Dr. Krishna R. Hebbar. N
MD (Ayu), MSc (Yoga), B. Nat (Sch), DNHE
Dept. of Swasthavritta,
A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppa

       Yoga is the one of the ancient scientific spirituals disciplines of India. Yoga is neither a sect nor an ideology, but practical training of mind and body. Yoga is a panacea not only for personal problems of body and mind but burning social problems like violence, hatredness, castism, poverty and ignorance etc.

       Basically yoga is a spiritual science. Main aim of yoga is union of self (Aatma) with universal spirit (Paramatma) (Ref.B.G). Health benefits of yoga is a byproduct of yoga practice which is very essential to do efforts (Sadhana) to attain highest spiritual state i.e. liberation (Moksha). This positive side effect of yoga is like a tip of an ice berg compared to the overall benefits of yoga. Having the concept of “we are belongs to the same family” in the present era therapeutically benefit of yoga is a boon to the whole mankind.

       Therapeutically views are scattered in spiritual science of yoga in philosophical and practical level. According to WHO definitions of 1948 “Health is state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or informative”. After 1948 spiritual, vocational, emotional, nutritional dimensions also added. Yoga therapy is simple non invasive technique which does not require high calorie diet sophisticated instrument much time and age restriction. Practice of yoga philosophy and technique in day today life bestows integration physical mental and social and spiritual health to aspirants. This also improves quality of life with extended life span.

 Yoga Therapy
I) Philosophical level
II) Practical level (techniques).

Philosophical Level:
1) Yogic principles are being used to treat
a) Psychosomatic diseases.
b) Psychiatric diseases.
2) Practicing yogic principles improve inter personal relations.
3) Austerity, cleanliness, study of religious books, surrendering to the god, meditation.
Practical level:
1)   Shatkriaya.
2)   Asana.
3)   Pranayama.
4)   Bandha.
5)   Mudra.

Therapeutical application of yoga philosophy:
1)   Sage Gheranda says “Human body is prone to many diseases and aging process which is just like unbaked earthen pot. If one bake it by the yoga agni (practice of yoga) it attains stability and fit to face the challenges of life.

2) Detachments of miseries from the sufferings. There are three type of diseases (miseries)
a) Aadhyatmika.
b) Aadibhoutika.
c) Aadidaivika.

3) There is no greater power than yoga and there is no enemy stronger than egoism (G.S – ¼).

4)  Yogic techniques to be practiced to get following benefit

Benefits Practice.
Body purification. Shatkriya.
Strength. Aasana.
Steadiness. Mudra.
Lightness. Pranayama.
Realization of self. Meditation.

 5)    Apart from yogic techniques importance of food is also highlighted in Gheranda Samhita “without yogic diet one should not do yoga practice if one does so he will become a victim of many diseases”.

6) Suppression of fluctuation of mind is yoga (P.Y.S ½). As fluctuated mind is causative factor for many physical mental and social disorders, it can be control by yoga which results in integrated health.

7) Grief dejection restlessness of body, abnormal pattern of respiration are due to distractions of life. Remedy for this is meditation of single principle or doing constructive work (P.Y.S.1/32).

8) For peace of mind (chitta prasadana) one should exhibit friendly behavior with happy people compassion towards the grief stricken, respected towards the people who involved in good work and negligence towards the wicked peoples.

9) To refrain from problems of life one should kriya yoga i.e. austerity, self study and surrendering to god.

10) Patanjali advices optimistic suggestions that forth coming miseries can be stopped.

11) Social health –

a)    If one is established with nonviolence in his presence non violence aura is developed. The people or animal are comes under this aura live their rival vary nature (P.Y.S 2/35).

b)    The person who speaks truth always can get what he says or plans. There is no need of telling lie to get any benefits (P.Y.S 2/36).

c)    One who practices non stealing get all types of wealth without much efforts (P.Y.S 2/37).

12) Physical and mental health – Maintaining cleanliness physically mentally leads to reduction of infatuation towards one’s own body and towards the other, purity of mind, peace and good will power and gives capacity to get enlightenment.

13) Mental health – Developing attitude of contentment with what he has, one will always be satisfied and happy (P.Y.S 2/43).

14)Physical and mental health – Aasana practice leads to overcome physical dualities like heat and cold and mental dualities like respect and humility, victory and defeat, gain and loss.

 Therapeutic benefits of yoga techniques


Techniques Benefits
1. Dhouti Benefits
(A) Antar dhauti
1. Vatasara Increases appetite, all diseases related to G.I.T. are cured [G.S. 1/16]
2. Varisara Purifies body, results in radiment body [G.S. 1/18]
3. Angisara Increases appetite [G.S. 1/19]
4. Bahiskrita Cleans the rectum, checks constipation [G.S 1/22]
(B) Danta dhauti
5. Danta moola Cleans the gum & teeth [G.S 1/26]
6. Jihwa moola Reduces phlegmatic diseases, postpones ageing & death. Cleanses the tongue [G.S. 1/29]
7. Karna randhra Increases auditory sensation [G.S 1/32]
8. Kapala randhra Kapha, purifies the channel. Bestows good vision [G.I / 33.24]
(C) Hrid Dhauti
9. Danda Good for heart diseases [G.S 1/37]
10. Vaman Kapha and pitta dizarders [G.S 1/38]
11. Vastra Preserves health nourishes [G.S 1/40] the body, relieve obstruction in the intestine, cures splenic enlargement, fever kapha & pitta disorders (G.S 1/41)
(D) Moola Sodhana Cures constipation (Ref. G.S 1/42)
1. Jala Basti Increase digestion, cures Rheumatoid Arthritis & diseases of abdomen (G.S 1/48)
Cures diseases which arises due to imbalance of vata, pitta, kapha, expels impurities of G.I. tract, intestinal obstruction splenic enlargement
2. Sthala Basti Cures indigestion constipation, piles, prolapse of rectum, bladder and uterus [G.S. 1/48]
1. Jalaneti Diseases of head & neck (H.V.P 2/30) Gives good vision
2. Sutra neti Removes disorders of kapha and gives sharp vision. Gives Khechari Siddhi [G.S 1/50]
NAULI (Loulik) Destroys all diseases, increases heat of body during cold season [G.S. 1/51]Increases digestion by kindling digestive fire, Good for all disorders of dosha and brings happiness [A.X. P 2/34]
TRATAKA Gives diseases of eye, gives acute vision and bestows shambhavi mudra [G.S. 1/53]
1. Vatakrama Cures disorders of kapha especially head and neck. [G.S. 1/56]
2. Vyutkrama Cures disorder of kapha [G.S. 1/57]
3. Sitkrama Cures disorders of kapha, fever. Gives beauty to face and body. [G.S. 1/58-59]Postpones old age, Cleanliness of body
84,00,00084 important General : Helps to overcome physical and mental dualities [A.S]Gives stability, Preserves health, lightness of body [AY.P 1/17]
1. Matsyendrasana Increases digestion, cures dreadful diseases, awakens the serpent power (Kandalini), postpones aging process (H.Y.P. 1/27) [G.S. 2/30]
2. Mayurasana Cures diseases of intestines Ascities and other stomach disorders. It digests overeated & contaminated food by enhancing digestive fire. It gives the capacity to digest even deadly poison kalakuta visha (H.Y.P 1/31)
8 Types General : Improves higher functions of brain like memory, intellect, grasping, analyzing skills etc. [PY.S 1]Gives lightness of body, peace.
1. Ujjayee Cures disorders of kapha, flatulence, indigestion. Rheumatoid arthritis, emaciation induced due to T.B., fever. Postpones old age and death. [G.S. 5/67]
2. Sheetali Cures pittaja disorders, obstruction of channels, splenic enlargement fever, excessive thirst & hunger. [HYP 2/58]
Uddiyana By regular practice even an old person can become young boy in 6 months, post pones the death [H.Y.P 3/58, 59]
Vipareetakarani Improves digestion. 6 months of regular practice prevent grey hairs and wrinkles. Who practices for 3 hours per day conquers death [H.Y.P. 3/80-82]
MEDITATION Arrests fluctuations of mind control over emotions. [PYS 1]
DIET Yogic diet helps to cure the diseases and preserves health in case of healthy individual. Supportive to get benefits of yoga because of satwik nature [g.s. 1/16]

        Yoga shows resemblance with many alternative systems of medicines. It is a whole science as it has incorporated the principles of various alternative systems of medicines. A few of them are cited below:-

Alternative System of Medicine YOGA
Physiotherapy Asana
Psychotherapy Yoga sutras (principles)
Helio therapy Soorya Namaskar
Chromotherapy Using white & saffron coloured clothes by aspirants
Hydrotherapy Basti, varisara dhouti
Massage therapy Massaging body after perspiration of pranayama
Diet therapy Yogic diet
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